anna novichkina

My Story

I was born in Moscow the 20th of February 1995 in a family of musician and sportsman. My mother was a professional piano player who obtained her diploma from Moscow Conservatory. My father was a professional baseball player winning the silver medal at the 2001 European championships

How it all started

figure skating

I start practicing Sports at the Age of 4. The story on how I got into figure skating is interesting and very romantic. in 1993, my parents met each others at a public ice-rink in Gorky Park. They both loved to skate and even once married (and when my mother was pregnant) they kept skating every winter in Gorky park. When I was just 1,5 years old, my parents bought my first skating boots and took me to the ice rink with them. Firstly, of course they had to carry me  because I couldn’t stand alone on the ice. But the year after, I already started to do the first steps on the ice by myself. The following year I was already skating a little bit. then my parents decided to register me in to a figure skating school.


I had a long competitive career as a figure skater staying in the same club for 15 years. Going up from one level to another quite easily. Working with the best coaches in each category. The last five years of my competing career I was trained by the very famous & legendary coaches Marina and Viktor Kudryavtsev. I won medals in many different national championships and was known for my specific style of skating,  touch of the ice and flow. But at the age of 18, I had to stop skating as a competitor due to serious injury. I then switched to do Professional shows. For five years, I travelled all around the world and skated in different shows. Directed by Ilia Averbukh, “Kings in ice” by Evgeny Plushenko, Russian Ice Stars, Fantasy on ice (Japan) with the most famous figure skaters in the world. 
At the moment, I am still traveling a lot. Working as a guest coach and choreographer for many different Clubs and Federations around the world. I work with some national teams. I also coach/choreograph some of the best competitors from Russia, Sweden, France, South Korea…